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as of June 25, 2012...
Age: 730 days
Hotness [subs/time]: 0 (very cold)
Rising/Falling score: 0 (falling) \/
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*skirt* x
/r/jailbait x
18 x
amature x
asian girls x
Ass x
Bait x
bdsm amateur x
beastiality x
boobs x
Boys x
british x
Celeb x
Clothed breasts x
CreepShots x
crossdress x
cum x
dress x
ella moel x
fap x
Flash x
Gay x
help x
jailbait x
jb x
Mommy x
naked x
nsfw x
petite teen hardcore x
porn x
porn finder x
Porn gay x
preteen x
puberty x
sexy x
squirting x
Taboo x
Tee body x
teen x
teen girls x
teen porn x
teen pregnancy x
Teenbody x
teens x
tits x
true jailbait x
under age titties x
very young x
voyeur x
young x
zombie x
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Subreddit Trends
Date# SubsActiv RankSubs GainActiv GainPeriod Ovr Gain
June 25, 2012-1-1
June 24, 2012-1-1
June 23, 2012-1-1-35 (-102.94%)4176 (100%)-379
June 22, 2012344175
June 21, 2012-1-1
June 20, 2012-1-1
June 19, 2012-1-1
June 18, 2012-1-1

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